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Yoga and Personal Training

Get a trainer & a gym that can do both yoga and training!

I love so much being able to offer our @phoenixhealth.medina clients whatever it is that they need, whether that’s a butt-kicking work out, restorative yoga session or something in between!

▪️You want to go hard and push weight and get stronger?

▫️We’ve got you.

▪️You want to relax today and recover from a stressful week?

▫️Got you there, too.

▪️You want to be able to keep moving through injury and/or recovery?

▫️Yep. You guessed it; we still got you.

We are all made of both light and dark, yin and yang, strength and softness - and it is a pleasure to be able to meet and honor both sides of our human experience in our pursuit of health and wellness here at @phoenixhealth.medina 💙🤍🖤


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