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Yoga is for Every Body!

We believe that yoga can benefit everyone, no matter their age, gender, shape, ability, or goals. 

Personal and private Yoga Training at Phoenix Health & Fitness is custom designed around your needs and abilities, making it one the safest and simplest way to build a healthy yoga practice fit for you and your body!

An excellent supplement to any fitness routine!

Research by Harvard Medical School, and countless other researchers, shows incredibly significant benefits of yoga well after a student leaves their mat: from decreased stress and tension to weight loss, even better body image, more mindful eating, and increased injury prevention. A flow style group class might not be suited for every active person, but yoga can be an effective supplement to any fitness routine! Receiving Personal Yoga Training allows each person to get the most out of a yoga practice designed specifically for their individual goals. 

Take your current yoga practice beyond the studio! 

In studio group classes, you do not get a class that's designed for your goals and needs. Personal Yoga Training can help the experienced practitioner continue to further their practice, by allowing for targeted drills and preparation for specific, more difficult poses, such as headstands, arm balances, flipped grips, and more! As well as offering a one-on-one, focused and assisted instruction entering these poses. 

Perfect choice for beginners to yoga!

Beginners to yoga require clear explanations and patient instruction to effectively learn the basics. It is not uncommon for new students approaching yoga for the first time, to join a group yoga class and feel overwhelmed or out of place. Students with injuries must also learn safe alignment techniques specific to their individual bodies, or how to use props to support themselves in poses. 

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