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Kalie Bella

Kalie is a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher from Chippewa Lake, OH. Her journey in the fitness field began in 2013. After going through some health issues of her own, she decided to take back control through nutrition and exercise. She made it her mission to help educate clients on a healthier lifestyle. Her hope is that she can help clients mentally, physically and emotionally through the process.

Outside of the gym, Kalie is a total home-body. She likes a great TV show to binge with her husband but also likes to be active with her dogs taking them on long walks or hikes. She loves to cook (with a glass of red wine in hand, of course). Her husband and pups are the true taste testers of all the recipes she shares with you. 

Kalie Bella, Owner, Certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher

Scott Bella

Scott is a Certified Personal Trainer from Chippewa Lake, Ohio. His fitness journey began when the body aches and pains started from 10 years of working construction. He wanted to learn how to help himself but more importantly, how to help others.

Scott also owns his own construction company! When he's not here at the studio or remodeling someone's house, he loves to be outside. He loves to go hunting, fishing, and completing home projects.

Scott Bella, Owner, Certified Personal Trainer


Betsy is a Certified Personal Trainer, Stretch & Flexibility Coach and Nutrition Coach from Medina, Ohio.  Having graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Gerontology, her area of interest lies in functional fitness to enhance quality of life and allow people to perform activities of daily living with more vitality at all ages and stages. She enjoys getting to know people and their stories and motivating them through education and accountability to reach their health and fitness goals! Her goal in life is simple: Love people well and treat them with the dignity and kindness they deserve while encouraging them to reach beyond what they think is possible!


In her free time she enjoys spending time with family & friends, hiking, paddleboarding, trail running, outdoor adventures, reading and eating a daily dose of dark chocolate (without guilt).

Betsy Willis, Certified Personal Trainer, Stretch & Flexibility Coach, Nutrition Coach

Cameron is a Certified Personal Trainer from Copley, Ohio. In 2022, he graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science. His fitness journey began with his love for football, track, and martial arts. In 2018, Cameron had reconstructive labrum surgery on both of his shoulders. The rehabilitation process and subsequent years of changes to training as a result has affirmed his philosophy that fitness training should always be conducted in a manner that promotes injury prevention, sustainability, and optimal range of motion and flexibility.

In his free time Cameron enjoys watching football, playing video games, and spending time with friends and family in the area. (And their dogs, of course.)

Cameron Davis, Certified Personal Trainer

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