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Nutrition Education is included in your plan!

Here at Phoenix we are so honored to be able to offer a more wholistic approach to not only your personal training sessions, but also, your general physical wellness. In addition to your work out and yoga sessions, nutrition education sessions are included with your Phoenix package!  

Why Nutrition is Important

The impact of eating a healthy diet and being physically active cannot be understated. Together, a balanced diet and regular physical activity can help each of us achieve and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of things such as heart disease, stroke and diabetes, it can increase individual energy and vitality, improve sleep patterns, mood, a and general health.  

Nutrition for Active People!

Food provides physical energy for the body. As you become more active or fit, you may find your energy needs (or how many calories you need) changes. To ensure you're taking in enough fuel for your active lifestyle, with your goals in mind, we can help you find healthy options that appeal to you.

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