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Holiday Checklist!

We know the holidays can feel overwhelming to your routine but don't panic! Here are some things to focus on to maximize your health and also enjoy the holidays!

1. Plan your workouts around all your holiday plans! Change up your split/frequency if needed. Only have time for 3 workouts versus 4? Try for some full body workouts!

2. Make sure to stay hydrated! Let's be honest, it's hard on a normal day but will be even more hard while you are running around shopping and seeing family. Bring a water bottle with you! 3. Prioritize sleep! Being out of a routine (and drinking more alcohol than usual) can really disrupt your sleep. 4. Eat consistently. Yes, even if you are going to a party for dinner. Skipping meals will only have you starving (and probably hangry) by time you get to your party. Focus on balanced meals/snacks throughout the day. 5-8. RELAX, HAVE FUN AND CELEBRATE CHRISTMAS WITH YOUR FAMILY.

Happy Holidays!

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